Protecting your investment in your home or business’s roof requires a proactive approach. At C&C Roofing we provide our customers regular maintenance plans tailored to their individual roofing needs. Through our onsite inspections, we evaluate and identify current and potential problems that through our comprehensive service check-ups can be solved or avoided. We believe, through staying on top of your roof maintenance, we can help you save money and extend the life of your roof.

Maintenance Services:

  • Visual Inspections/Condition Analysis
  • Major Storm Preparation
  • Cleaning of Drainage Components such as Drains, Scuppers, Gutters, Downspouts
  • Priority Response for Maintenance Customers


The best way to prevent future roof problems is through conducting regular roof inspections. At C&C Roofing, our professionals are trained to inspect your entire roofing system, both interior and exterior. The focus of our inspections includes testing the functionality and performance of your roof, identifying deteriorating or hazardous spots, and evaluating any repair needs. We record all findings and when the inspection is complete we provide you with a full report with a thorough explanation of our review. If repairs or renovations are required, we can initiate the scheduling of your repair project to provide you a comprehensive solution.